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About Membership

About Membership

Any person, society, association, institution, blood bank, hospital, nursing home or corporate body desirous of joining ISBTI as a member may apply in writing in the prescribed form along with a declaration that such person or body subscribes to the Aims and Objects of ISBTI as set out in the Memorandum of Association and thus becomes eligible to become a member.

The application will be forwarded to the Secretary General who shall place the application before the Governing Body which will deal with such applications in accordance with the Rules.

The following classes of memberships are available at present:


  • Institutional members shall be Companies, Associations, Bodies, Corporate or Institutions who pay a life time subscription of Rs. 50.000/-.
  • Institutional members who are not covered by(I) above are eligible to become member on payment o Rs. 5000/-  except institutions in rural areas up to tehsil level identified by state Chapters would continue to pay Rs. 2000/-.

Corporate and institutional members shall have one vote but cannot hold office. The Members attending the annual General meeting shall have to be duly authorized by the Competent authority of the corporate/institution.

An individual donating a lump sum amount of Rs 1000/- and strictly adhering to the Objectives of ISBTI would be eligible to become a Life member.

Membership of the Society will cease in the following circumstances:-

  • In the case of an individual member if he/she becomes of unsound mind or convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction in a criminal offence, on happening of the event.
  • In the event of an Institutional member becoming insolvent or being wound up in any member whatsoever,on happening of the event.
  • If any member indulges in any activity detrimental to the Aims and Objects of the Society, on the activity coming to the knowledge of the Society and the Governing Body deciding to terminate the membership.
  • By resignation of any member on expiry of the notice thereof the period of which will be at least 15 days prior to the effective date of resignation;
  • By default of payment of subscription despite reminders;
  • The Governing Body may, by a resolution, remove from membership any member in the above circumstances or for reasons found valid by the Governing Body, which will be intimated to the member. The member will be allowed to appeal before final decision is taken.